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Portland was definitely family time. We stayed with Cam, Christine and Ry and just did things with them; eating, shopping, child play places, parks and Silver Falls. It was just lovely.

Our little grandson, just aged 2, loves being read to, climbing on things and people, eating, going to pre-school and being out with people. He is either going at 100% or is totally zonked out on someone’s shoulder. He is fearless with sometimes bruised results, but will probably end up doing something very adventurous.

Ry and Lynn ry and nick mischief

We visited child play places, OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) with wonderful water play, baby play areas and natural science. A day or so later we visited The Children’s Museum where he explored areas of light and played the artist in an area where Chagall was showcased. Of course he produced a few minimalist masterpieces.


ry omsi Ry OMSI 2 Ry at OMSI
Ry OMSI 2 Ry Kids Museum 1 Ry 1

He had his second haircut in a place arranged just for children, where they sat in cars or trucks and watched videos to distract, while the hairdresser kept up a running commentary on the film. Ry was mesmerised and didn’t really notice the haircut.


Ry haircut 3 not sure ry haircut 4
Ry, haircut1 Interesting; not sure about this; what is she doing; looking good; what do you think mum? gorgeous

Dinner out at a posh steakhouse was fun. We were well treated and Ry just loved sitting there in a high chair nibbling on food and taking it all in. He is excellent provided he has something to chomp on and is adventurous with his tastes. I anticipate an excellent palate in the future.

  Ry and C at dinner_edited-1 steak dinner out

In the local park he climbed structures that made me quake, but was also dwarfed by the enormous trees overhead. Then on to Silver Falls where the rain stopped and we walked beautiful paths beside the waters, fall foliage glowing amber in the light. It was very beautiful, despite our initial misgivings over the weather.

Ry park 2 Ry, climbing Ry Park 1 Ry park
C&C silver falls 1 foliage Falls Valley
woodland silver falls silver falls trees silver falls silver falls 3

Nick and I did manage to catch up with a friend from Tripadvisor, the intrepid OregonExplorer, and enjoy morning tea with her. It added an extra dimension to the trip and was a lovely interlude.

  OE and me
Oregon Explorer and me
fire hydrant
A local fire hydrant being swallowed by a tree

And finally, off to PDX to wait for the flight to Vancouver and the last part of the trip before the long flight home.



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