Sunday, July 29, 2012

Off we go again

Just over two weeks to go until we leave and suddenly there are many things to do. The house must be clean for the house sitters (so many cobwebs and so much cat fur); the clothes must be cool and altered to fit; Nick needs a good sun hat; dry cleaning; weeding of the excess in the garden; visits to dentists and doctors; reacquainting myself with Blogspot which is obstinate and changes each time I use it; learn some Spanish; meals with the kidz. Suddenly we are very busy after what seems like a long time since we planned the trip.

However, we have all the tickets, such as they are these days. We have starter money in all the six different currencies, even the difficult Moroccan dirhams; all the accommodation and transport is booked; we hope the two personal tours in Turkey and Morocco will eventuate as planned; we have lists of places to see and restaurants to eat in; I have invested in a Kindle for reading and storing travel information and my iPhone has developed an alarming number of apps (something I barely knew about a year ago) I do like the one that makes translations from the spoken word, it can even translate "Two beers please" into Spanish. Most useful.

Gloriously, we come to Portland at almost the end of the trip, for eight days with C,C,& Ry.It is hard to be grandma when the grandson is so far away, and while Skype is great it doesn't give cuddles. I have become Grandma cat, because our cat makes lots of noise while we talk on-line. 

We hope to be more adventurous than previously; we may even attempt a balloon flight in Cappadocia if the weather is fine. We will certainly post pictures and a running commentary.

This is the basic plan for Turkey, but with side trips to Pamukkale, Epehesus and so on from Selcuk.

And then for Spain/Morocco/Portugal

OK I know it looks complicated but we get to see places we haven't seen before.

So take the URL of this website and drag it to your address bar. Join as a follower if you want and, every now and then, check up on our trip and give us cheering comments.